Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pink Dogwood

The pink dogwood is one of my favorite flowering trees and I have wanted one in the front yard for the longest time. Driving around they always catch my attention as the most beautiful trees around. Last year we finally went and hunted for one and quickly learned that there are many varieties available. So of course, it required a trip to Dinter's Nursery as they have the biggest variety and most knowlegable people around. After a while of wandering the aisles of different types, I narrowed in on this one. It is about hhmm 7 feet tall. The first year we had it in, there was only a few blooms. I savored each one! I don't think this picture does justice to how many blooms cover the tree this year. It looks like its 50% leaves and 50% flowers. Each time I turn the corner to come home, I am struck by the intensity of the pink and the sheer volume of it!
The pink is a deeper pink that most pink dogwoods I see around here. It is actually referred to as a 'red' dogwood. I was cautioned that they can be picky and not do well around here. They do seem to have made themselves at home now.

Just look at that pink!! It almost looks fake! This just has to be my favorite feature in our yard now. I have to hold myself back from cutting off a branch to bring into my living room! Maybe in a few years after its better established I can really get the full impact indoors agasint my green living room walls! OOO I can see it now:)


Blaze said...

Ooh! Pink Dogwoods are so pretty! I love flowering trees! They are so nice to look at on a summer's day!

Mrs.French said... beautiful! The pink dogwood is one of my favorites too.

proudgrits11 said...

Ooooh, how I miss the dogwoods of my Florida youth!! It is one of my all-time faves, too!! They don't have 'em out west here. They probably need actual moisture. Thanks for the pretties!!