Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Father's Sunnyday

We went to Victoria today to celebrate Father's day. My mom and dad invited us and took us out for lunch. After lunch my mom and I went shopping for fun stuff, my dad took Grace and got her a lulu lemon shirt and Tony went hunting for groceries. Along the way, my mom and I went to Fantan gallery. A really fun little store with an eclectic assortment of things. Tucked away in a cupboard was this adorable little cowboy lunch box. I think it would make such an adorable accent piece or even a storage piece for something or other, but at 27.00 it was a little too precious for me. Around the corner was this shelf. I had to chuckle at the "no beatnicks" sign.
Just across the street from the entrance to China town there is this floating globe. It is sooo neat! It is pretty big, just look how big it is next to that man beside it. The arms that come up and around it do not touch it at all. It glides effortlessly on this water it rests on. It is also right outsdie of the Satin Moon quilting shop. The only place within a reasonable driving distance that I have been able to find that carries Amy Butler fabrics! I will show you later the few little treasures I picked up in there later.
On Sundays there is a market. I am afraid this time it didn't sport much interest. I am not sure why. Usually I love open air markets! It maybe seemed a little too commercial.
Ah........ China town! I love it down here! Just look at these doorways. Each one is old, and has so many stories to tell.
These lanterns have been hanging here for as long as I can remember.... or maybe they have been replaced, but they are deffinately a fixture.
The sidewalk is lined with veggies and produce, a lot of it is stuff that you just can't pick up at the local grocery store.

I got a few goodies while we were down there which I will share tomarrow:).

For now, its good night.

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