Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things are Looking Up!

This top one is called 'blush'
(This bottom photo is called innocent)
Oh, it's good to be 'home'! I finally got my comptuer back so I can start to get back to 'work' again:)

I pretty much fell off the face of the net for a bit here. I have a lot of blogging to catch up to that's for sure!

I just can't believe how long it took for my comptuer to be fixed and sent back to the store. I kinda wonder if it hasn't been sitting there for a while without them calling me too as I called today to check on the status of it and they said it "just" got to the store. Seems like quite a coincidence to me. Anyways, it's just great to have it back.

I got a blogging award from Vanessa while I was MIA! How much fun is that! As I get things in order here, I will deal appropriately with it.

I am still bewildered about how long this whole computer thing took to get straightened out!

I just wanted to pop on for a quick yay! my comptuer is back post and will be back with a long overdue giveaway too!

A couple of quick pics of 2 prints I will be selling. darn, I accidently put them UP there, Oh well, you get the idea. :)