Friday, October 31, 2008

Head hanging in shame.....

I have completely put the blog, and my etsy store on the back burner as of late. I sure have missed it too! I have a fairly good excuse though. I litterally woke up one morning with a very very very sore shoulder. The pain was unrelenting and I'd rank it up there with the harsh part of labour, only it didnt end! I haven't dealt with chronic pain before and I must admit.... I am a whimp!! I also had no idea why I was suddenly in so much pain and frankly, I was putting off anything that aggrivated it. I am most comfortable with my arm resting up parallel with my shoulder, neutral position my dr calls this. It seems that I probably have a ruptured disc in my neck but am waiting for an mri and an appointment with a neurologist. I have not felt my finger on my left hand in over a month now! I still use my camera but I do NOT carry it around my neck and I am just being super careful with how I move around in general. Anyways, it is still problematic for me, but seeings as this doesnt seem to be going anywhere soon, I figure I'd better start back in with normal things again, bit by bit.

I have barely even been stalking the blogs that I love so much! I havent updated my store and certainly havent completed any sewing as the sewing seems particularly difficult on my shoulder/neck. But in bits, 10 mins a time I will be starting to get back into it simpley for my own sanity:)

I hope you enjoy the picture of the birds all dressed up for halloween!