Monday, May 11, 2009

Friendship spanning the spieces

Over the weekend our camera club went to a Wildlife Rescue center. This young fellow has there for a few years now and his name is Sandor. When he was brought in he had a very badly broken wing, lice, siezures and other health issues that made it almost hopeless he would survive! They managed to nurse him to health although, he would never be able to be released into the wild so they decided to use him as an educational tool. In order to 'tame' him, they have one person who is his dedicated handler. It was truly stunning to see the interaction between the two of them! Here you can so easily see the size of the birds beak next to her unprotected finger. He was so careful and gentle with her bare fingers. Unreal!
So naturally they shared affection, complete trust and comfort made thier bond easy to see. She must really have dedication, patience, and persistance to bring a saint to his knees!