Saturday, July 4, 2009

More action and business.

This gorgeous girl has just graduated. We are so proud of her! We went downtown for a photoshoot in her gorgeous dress with her handsome boyfriend. A photogrpahers dream!
So many fun, pretty little places around town to have a shoot. Thia was having fun being the center of attention, and boy did she deserve it!

This is a fun, playful shot just outside of city hall.

I love the way our school does graduation. The students are walked down with their parents, and holding a rose. At the end of the walkway, they hug dad, hug mom and give her a rose. The parents then all sit in the front. Later, at the banquet, the first dance is a father /daughter, son/ mother dance. It is just beautiful!
Here's proud papa!

Oh, Poor sad little lonely blog!

So yes, I have neglected my poor blog again. It seems to fall in the list of priorieties quite quickly! To my defense though, I have had some serious computer issues that needed tending which seem to be resolved now. In my absence though I have been busy. I helped take some pics of my son and his band up at the Butter Church in Cowichan Bay. It is quite the place and made the perfect backdrop for grungey gritty band pics. What a great looking bunch of guys eh? They are crazy talented too.
They were so much fun to shoot, totally up for anything and took direction well too!

This is just outside of the butter church, the trees are so awesome!

And this is my boy. Gorgeous, isnt he?;)