Saturday, July 4, 2009

More action and business.

This gorgeous girl has just graduated. We are so proud of her! We went downtown for a photoshoot in her gorgeous dress with her handsome boyfriend. A photogrpahers dream!
So many fun, pretty little places around town to have a shoot. Thia was having fun being the center of attention, and boy did she deserve it!

This is a fun, playful shot just outside of city hall.

I love the way our school does graduation. The students are walked down with their parents, and holding a rose. At the end of the walkway, they hug dad, hug mom and give her a rose. The parents then all sit in the front. Later, at the banquet, the first dance is a father /daughter, son/ mother dance. It is just beautiful!
Here's proud papa!


trashmaster46 said...

Wow, she has an amazing face. And I don't usually like the giant poofy dresses, but she rocks that!

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