Friday, June 6, 2008

Etsy anyone?

A few of the more recent entries on to my etsy.
These small pouches are about 5 1/2 inches by 5 and hold enough to be a catchall for your purse. You could just put your essentials into one of these pouches and then when you transfer purses, just whip this little beauty over and its no worries to change purses to suite your mood
They have a little sleeve to protect your id or bankcard in them.
I just love picking and chooseing the outter fabric and then some lining to match.
Sometimes I think I cant possibely have what I need to match up for lining but if I dig far enough, I almost always find what I need in my own stash.
Even matching the colours of the zippers up. It can be so much fun to see what happens when you introduce a new colour. I think the green on this one really works!
These little pouches are bigger. More like a small clutch. The flower is removeable and can be a pin for your jacket or blouse. It is a covered button that adorns the center.
The strap is long enough to slip over your wrist for hands free shopping, and they both have 2 interior pockets. I think I might start carrying a purse this size and put away my daily luggage sized one;) lol.

I am hoping to have some new designs up this weekend. It sure is fun fondling all this fabric again!


@ said...

Ooohh Vanessa,
I love those little bags, and the inner pocket really makes them useful. The fabrics you're using are to die for!
P.S.-please stop posting recipes, you're making me hungry...LOL

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