Saturday, June 28, 2008

A little refreshment on a summer's eve

We seem to finally have summer here. A few false alarms but I think its for real this time. The weather has turned hot so quickly it hasn't really given time to climatize ourselves. I took Grace to drop her off at her week long camp today and when I got home, Tony had dinner ready which was sooo nice! By the time we finished dinner, it was pretty hot and stuffy up here. We migrated down to the backyard armed with our iced green tea lemonade. Oh, how refreshing it was! Sure makes me thankful for all the hard work Tony does in the yard! The iced green tea lemonade was just the perfect thing to top off a lovely sit down in the back yard. It is so simple and quick I thought I would share this so you too can be refreshed. Not much to it, just some frozen lemonade concentrate, green tea and a couple of containers to mix it all in.
Start off with brewing double strength tea. Usually I do 2 teabags in this tea pot so I put 4 in for this drink.
Dump the still frozen lemonade into the juice container. Make sure it is strong enough to handle some rather warm liquid being poured into it. I have used this container a lot so I know it will do the job.
After the tea has brewed for a good 15 minutes or so, slowly, very slowly, pour it over the frozen lemonade. After about half of it is in, I give it a bit of a break for a few minutes and then add the rest just as slowly.

Top it off with lots of icecubes and enjoy! If you wanted you could always use a flavoured tea, experiment with your favorite herb teas. Live dangerously and throw a few mint sprigs in too!


Mrs.French said...

ooo....I'll take some please.

Anonymous said...

How refreshing!! :) MMM!

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