Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trying to improve

So, I have not been getting the sales for the amount of work I have been doing that I would hope to have gotten by now. It seems common sense that your photos are by far the most important thing to draw potential shoppers into investigate around your store. Photos are always so important but in this application, I suspect they are even MORE important!
I think my photos have been lacking interest. I don't think they have really been drawing in people. There is just so much competition out there that it's easy to get burried. I don't want to be one in a sea of many. I want to stand out! I have been revamping my products a little as well, jazzing them up with some embellies and getting more creative that way. There are mountains of plain little zippies out there but not too many that are embellished. I really enjoy doing the embellishment part. Right now I am just using ribbons, buttons and scraps of fabrics, but as I continue on, I am sure I will branch out.
Another improvement is the addition of labels! I really like the way they turned out! I ordered them from JennifersJewels
She was really great to deal with! She was great at listening to what it was that I wanted and she produced a great quality item.

So anyways, These are my new photos. I ended up not using a lightbox but just played around in the backyard. They may be a little bland, what do you think? I have been pondering the idea of using fun backgrounds but maybe that would just be a distraction? I am not sure. I do however, like the angles and how that worked out.
Head on over to my etsy

to check how they compared to my old photos. I would be grateful for any and all feedback and suggestions of improvments:)


brightonEarly said...

Your photos are looking good!

I still haven't gotten the hang of it...

Joanne said...

Your new photos are beautiful! I think they definitely draw the eye in and show off your pouches very well.

Vanessa said...

Love your new pics!!

Just me.....Shelly said...

i think pictures are ALWAYS so hard....I always try to take mine outdoors in the sunshine and on "nature", but that doesn't help me when its winter here and there's 2 feet of snow on the ground. I still haven't mastered the whole thing! I like the angles you used....draws ya in! Which is what we want anyway, right?? Happy weekend!