Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Oh my poor poor blog! It must think I don't love it anymore, I have neglected it so much! In my defence I have the weather though. It has been picture perfect around here. Just gorgeous! I have so much to share with you all too! It will take a few posts to get everything in but I will start off with my latest listings seeings as that is what I was just doing. Stayin with the flow, ya know?

I love scrapbooking. I really do. I love putting different textures, patterns and colours of papers together and then topping it off with some fun trinkets. I haven't used any of my scrapbooking stuff in way too long and I have been missing it a lot! To satisfy that scrapbooking monster in myself I decided to play around with these little pouches I have been making. Hhhmm, it seems as though I have uploaded these backwards, but oh well, we will take the reverse guided tour:)

This is some quilting cotton that I have had kicking around for ages, unsure what the heck to do with it although I love the yellow colour. Finally this fabric has found its purpose. It has a reason for being.
A few little scraps, some buttons and voila! a cute little one of a kind pouch. This one has the same linning inside as the scrap on the outside. I think this one will translate nicely into a greeting card. I think I will make one or a few this afternoon. It has a very free form flower made out of scraps. I just love using up scraps iin this way, it makes me feel so productive and green.
You can't see it in this picture here, but the linning sparkles. Yes, really, it sparkles! What girl doesnt love to have sparkles and glitz!?
Using a salvaged zipper is a rewarding endeavor. Mostly because in my experience, they are just a little cuter and all of the ones that I have found so far, have a nice smoothness to them that the newer ones just don't seem able to live up to. Not to mention some of the funnest colours too!

Been a while since I pulled out the lace bag, but oooooooooo love the way it looks!

kitschy? Kitschy? Kichtsy? How do you spell that word! I think this pouch fits that word though, what do you think?

This is the biggest ric rac I have ever seen! It is HUGE!
I have had an exciting week besides sewing! I won the friday freebie over at lemon tree studio's blog, I got to have fun with my camera to the tune of 500+ pictures! and It was our anniversary yesterday! Gee, and it's only Wednesday! After I go through all those pictures I will have some fun things to share.


Vanessa said...

I love love love the second bag!!

scrappysue said...

these are just gorgeous! ur a very neat seamstress

brightonEarly said...

Congrats on winning Shelly's giveaway!!

AND...omg that ricrac is enormous!!!!!!!!

Barbra said...

Love the pouches and am envious of your sewing ability. Zippers always stopped me cold!

katydiddy said...

Wow! Love these bags. What a great eye for material & design you have! Thanks for stopping by my blog! My SIL lives in Vancouver! We'll be up for Xmas.