Monday, July 28, 2008

Thrifting adventures

I love looking through thrift shops and seeing what castoffs I can find to give new life to. I must admit though, I haven't been doing this very much for a while now. I just got overwhelmed with how much space and clutter it can produce. I just needed a bit of down time but I am starting to go on the hunt again! It is so satisfying if you can take something otherwise "ugly" and make it into something fun, useful or beautiful. This light jumped out at me like a lightening bolt. It is dusty and the wiring is old. But I just love the design on it! I am planning on taking it apart, rewiring it, painting it white, and replacing the chain. I may hang this up in my sewing room, or maybe in my bedroom.... even the living room could use a new light. I am planning on making it a plug in one instead of hard wired as I think this will give me more options as to where I put it. The design looks very graphic to me. I can hardly wait to see this one in action! Oh, I paid .75 cents for it!
This little painting jumped out at me too. I did have to dig through a slew of stuff to find it though. I am planning on taking the painting out, paint the frame white, distress it, and then replace the picture. I like the picture it came with, it is a soothing scene. This picture was 1.50
Now, this is something I have been looking for for quite a while! I have had visions of these embossed aluminum platters and tiered platters painted up in a light cotton candy pink for ages! I can remember when these used to be seen a plenty in the thrift shops but now, they are scarce. I snagged this one up right away, it is even nice and straight and in excellent condition. No dents or wiggles in it at all. For 2.50, I had no choise but to make it mine!
I imagine the embossing will really look pretty when it is all painted up. I started painting this one first this afternoon because I am most anxious about what it will look like. I have some pretty vintage table cloths too. I think this will call for an afternoon tea in the backyard when it is all done!
It is suposed to rain here tomarrow so taking a picture of it all set up in the backyard may prove difficult but I will try to get a pic of it as soon as I can to share how the project ended up going.

Wish me luck!


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Great finds...I really love that lamp!

Vanessa said...

Wow great finds!! Can't wait to see what the tiered platters look like all painted. Beautiful lamp!!

Katherine said...

Thanks for sharing your thrifting finds! I love a good garage sale or thrift shop! :) Love that lamp!! That's actually what I've been on the hunt for myself; something fun & funky to go over my kitchen table.