Friday, February 1, 2008

The ordinary things.

It was an amazing morning this morning. Just the perfect combination of a bright sunny sky and a thick blanket of fog. I took some time and went to the back side of the Gary Oak reserve at the bottom of Timbercrest to play around with my camera. When I first got there, I was moderately inspired. But I got out into the crisp air and and just started randomly shooting. I am always amazed that when I start looking through the viewfinder, I find so many more things than if I didnt have it.

It is as if the viewfinder opens up a whole new world for me.
I would not have noticed all these little spent seed pods if I had not been looking through my viewfinder. The viewfinder narrows your field of vision. I view things more deliberaltey and focused, all the other 'noise' around is filtered out and the viewfinder points me to the small details othewise missed.

Looking through my viewfinder excites me to no end. I am constantly discovering new things. Seeing mundane things in a new way.

Yep, this is where I belong........ behind the viewfinder.

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