Sunday, February 3, 2008

Affinity Guesthouse

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon for taking pictures, or just being outside for that matter! I have always wondered what the Affinity Guesthouse was and pointed out to my dad the road that had thier sign. He didnt hesitate to turn down the road. It felt more like a driveway than a road, especially when we were greeted so warmly by Dwight. Dwight enthusiastically invited us to come and explore thier place there. First, he took us to the Guest house where we were welcomed through these beautiful doors! It was just as beautiful inside. Tastefully decorated but in a relaxed homey way. I was impressed with the comfort infused deeply in the entire house.
Just look at how beautiful this understated house is!

We were encouraged to walk around the propery to explore, enjoy and take pictures. It was such a beautiful day for all three! I often feel a little self concious walking around taking pictures, specially on someones private property, but here we felt very welcomed.

We even had a special tour guide! Here is Seth. This was a wonderful tour guide, patiently waiting for us as we stopped to take pictures or just take in all the wonderful birds that were out.

Lots of great photo ops the whole way around thier dyke.

They also have an outdoor tour service as well. They do canoe trips.

Here is Seth patiently waiting for us to catch up with his guided tour.

I am looking forward to going back out there when the leaves start to bloom. I am sure it will look entirely different and there will be many new treasures to find!

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Dwight Milford said...

Vanessa! It is late Sunday evening and I logged on to my email to send you and your parents a thank you for visiting the Affinity Guesthouse today. Well, it appears you beat me to it! I am so happy that you visited our home and businesses today. I would like to link your blog to our Affinity journal at
Thank you for all the kind words. I wish I had more time to share some baked goods and tea with your family. Hopefully next time! Thank you again. D!

Dwight Milford,
1 866 748 7430