Monday, February 4, 2008

A little Cow Bay

I love the town of Cowichan Bay. It is barely the length of a block but in that short stint businesses, there is more character than most cities hold all together. It is like a secret hidden gem in the Cowichan Valley. One of the secrets here is this bakery. I adore thier soft pretzels and thier chocolate buns....... Yep, I said CHOCOLATE buns! The bakery connects to this awesome little deli. All these years I thought that little hallway was where the restrooms were, but it lead to a little deli where they sell hilary cheeses.
Keeping with the character of Cowbay, this is considered a planter. It looks really pretty when its in bloom but right now, not much is in bloom.

I love this wooden pretzel. Though I am sure it doesnt taste nearly as good as the ones inside the store! YUM!

I love all the little details you can find around this place if you look for them. We werent here too long this day and we were only around the bakery.......

But you know I'll be back!!!

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