Thursday, May 29, 2008


Very vintage lace gloves with very light pink embellishments on them. They are almost like air they are so light. There is a few little hanks of old and not so old lace too. This is the prettiest pink teacup I have ever seen. It is one from my personal stash but I do believe looks like it will be right at home in its new house. Spilling out of the teacup
are some vintage crystals and a piece off of a vintage broach. There are a few little rosebuds snuck in there too. This is a very old pink christmas ball. I imagine it would be lovely on a pink christmas tree! You can also see a very long string of old beads. It is hard to tell in the picture but the leaves are a very pretty irridescent pink and the whole thing just looks so sweet. But I bet that if it was cut apart the beads would be great used as little accents on other projects. Maybe a pair of earrings made out of the pink petals. There is also a porcelin pink rose pin that was picked up in an antique store. It is simply charming! A few other extras tucked in there too.
There is some gorgeous pink floral wall paper border there and these sheets of music are very dainty. I have never seen music like that before. the book they came out of was dated 1840.
A few other treasures. This is a very old petit point that is finished off with gold lace, there is some pom pom trim in there, a few velvet flowers, and some pretty pink tags.

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