Sunday, March 16, 2008

Genoa Bay

Genoa Bay. I am constantly amazed that I manage to find something that catches my eye no matter where I am when I start looking through my viewfinder.
Sometimes, like today, I had doubts about finding anything interesting enough to take many pictures of. I wasn't sure I would find anything out of the ordinary.
I mean, I'm not crazy about birds. Scenery is mildly attractive to me.
Boats, well, they don't really tickle my fancy either.
But every time. Every place. I end up finding something that tickles my photo bone.
I sometimes wonder if this honeymoon phase with my camera will fade.

I wonder if I will reach a saturation point. When I just can't find anything to intrest me.
If I will stop seeing small points of interest in strange places.
Somehow I just don't think it will happen.
Because there will never cease to exsist, interesting things....... everywhere.

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