Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Finally back at it

Finally, got some things to show.
A couple of shadow boxes, a purse and a couple of cards. These shadow boxes are a lot of fun once you get started. I dont think I will make many more though because, well, just what do you do with a bunch of these suckers? The first one says "happy spring".
A smaller shadow box. I think this one will find a home in my cubbyhole room downstairs.

To emphasis the demension of the glass, I added a rubon right onto the glass.

These flowers are so luxurious. I have used a lot of them and keep meaning to make a broach out of them. Maybe tonight. So velvety.

Maya Road Keychain charms. You get 4 charms on a ball chain. I think they'd be great on packages tied up with ribbons. You could use them on a banner to decorate for a shower or party. Or you can cover them with Sugar Coated cardstock like here, and use them on cards.

*I accidently uploaded 2 of the same pictures here but couldnt figure out how to delete just one*

A very simple bag I designed and made out of a remenant that I picked up in the thrift shop. It velcros closed but just has a button for 'decoration'.

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