Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New purses

A couple of new bags with the intent of putting them up on etsy for sale. I love the pink and brown on this bag, although it still needs a pin of some sort. Isn't this lining fun!? I love the overlapping circles. Of course, there is a zippered pouch to keep things safe.

This is a pretty springy bag. The linning is some fabric that I have held onto for about 15 years! I bought it with the intent of making Thia a pretty frilly dress with layers and layers of ruffles. When they rang up the price it was a LOT more than I expected and it took me this long to work up the nerve to cut into it! I am sure glad that I did though, it makes such a pretty lining! A removable, fluffy flower is made out of the lining fabric and a covered button adorns the center.
Here is that pretty lining, sporting a nice secured zippered pouch.
Hopefully, soon, there will be more bags.

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