Monday, April 21, 2008

Camera strap cover

First of all, you are going to want to measure your exsisting camera strap. Double that measurement and then add half an inch. You will cut your fabric and your fusible fleece to the doubled + 1/2" measurement. Cut your fleece, 1/2" shorter than your fabric.Fuse the fleece to the back side of the fabric, centering it so that each on each short end, the fabric will be 1/4" longer than the fleece. Before you actually pin the right sides togehter, fold the ends of the fabric over the fleece and stich down. This will give your ends a nice finished look. Then, pin right sides together and sew a scant 1/4" seam all the way along the long side. You can see the fabric folded over the fleece here. Using a large safety pin, turn your strap right side out.
Slip it on over your original camera strap and enjoy! I dont have a picture of it on my camera yet. Seems to be a difficult picture to get.


Lisa_O said...

Thanks for posting this. It's exactly what I was looking for.

Jessica Stier said...

Thanks for your post! I have been drooling over some new camera straps lately but feeling like I need to wait until Christmas. Now I can do this project and get the results I want now.

I'm going to head out to the fabric store right away and get some fusible fleece and get started. I'm excited!!!