Sunday, August 3, 2008


The North American Indigenous games are being held in town here this week. We have been told about all these thousands and thousands of people who would be comming to town for the week. I know I didn't really expect all that many people to come, till I saw this parade of athelets! It went on, and on and on. An impressive amount of young athelets thats for sure! There are teams from as far away as florida, North Carolina, Nunavut, and just about anywhere else!

It was pretty neat to see how far these teams came and in such big numbers! Some teams had traditional dress represented. And some were just so dang cute!
This week there is going to be entertainment all day every day, as well as a market all day every day. Not to mention sports on the go all day everyday too! I am looking forward to seeing everything!

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Julie said...

Awesome Photos!!!!